Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

Tree house platforms in Conversation festival LAMPA Tree house platforms for conversation festival LAMPA were created as a response to the widespread use of standard semi-closed modular tents with limited viewing angles and visitor numbers in public events. Placing discussion platforms in the trees, provided open space with better viewing angles and unique dialogue among nature, people and architecture. Selection of load-bearing trees was done in consultation with an arborist according to the tree health inspection.
Author: Matijs Babris, Egīls Markus, Sintija Erte, Edīte Enkuzena

Client: Sarunu festivāls LAMPA

Address or location:
Cēsis castle park

Technical information:
6 months


TreeHouse workshop participants, 'Wolf system', SIA

Main subcontractors, partners:
Civil Engineer Valdis Valainis, Arborist Dainis Penka

Author of photos:
Andra Marta Babre, SIA 'AM foto'