TV show about architecture 'Adreses'

The first and only TV show in Latvia fully dedicated to the topics of architecture and urban planning. Thanks to the large number of viewers, the show can be considered the largest public platform for architectural debate: each episode is watched by up to 70,000 people. In 2015, LTV1, the national broadcaster, showed 12 episodes in which their author Mārtiņš Ķibilds, in the company of fellow travellers, usually unprofessional users of architecture, examines two specific locations. Currently working on the new 2016 season.

Author: Mārtiņš Ķibilds, VFS Films, Ziemeļu puse

Client: Latvian Television

Main subcontractors, partners:
Created and presented by: Mārtiņš Ķibilds. Directors: Uģis Olte, Gatis Belogrudovs. Editing: Gatis Belogrudovs. Camera: Valdis Celmiņš, Ēriks Božis, Edgars Jakobsons, Reinis Helmuts Aristovs, Jānis Šēnbergs, Miks Ramāns, Uģis Olte. Sound design: Artis Dukaļskis, Arvīds Ceļmalis, Ilvars Veģis. Design: Miķelis Baštiks, Asketic. Graphics: Oskars Lelis. Original music: Reinis Sējāns, Instrument.i Editing assistant: Miks Ramāns. Mastering and colour correction: Krišs Roziņš. Still photography: Agnese Zeltiņa. Producers: Ilze Celmiņa, Uldis Cekulis. Funded by: Latvian Television, Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, State Culture Capital Foundation.

Author of photos: