ULEMISTE Shopping Centre extension The aim of the renewal - make a destination point not only for shopping but also - where people could come into an ambience containing modern design, environmental qualities. Architecture / interior was created like associative interpretation of the nature - stone, wood, flowers with assistance of the modern technology / materials. An attractive facade was created by using unique facade panels - perforated patterns with LED lighting behind. Total area (before / after) - 5140 / 103100 m2.
Author: SIA AMB Int.Architects & Designers

Client: Ulemiste Center OU

Address or location:
Suur-Sojamae 4, Tallinn, Estonia

Technical information:
12.10.2012. - 22.04.2013.

15-th of October, 2014.

Fund Ehitus OU, Estonia

Main subcontractors, partners:
1. Developer - AS Linstow, Norway & Ulemiste Shopping Center, Estonia - subsidiary of Linstow AS, Norway; 2. Project management - Linstow Center Management, Latvia; Detail design author - Novarc Group AS, Interior design - Joonprojekt OU, Construction supervisor - AE projekti Insener OU, all - Estonia