Interior (public and private)

Urban bar - VEST VEST, like a city, is always on the move, it changes, trying to find and not to lose itself. An inscription on the wall states: ”Borders are just stops - I want to go further and take others along.” The bar where contemporary urban dweller is brought in the spotlights, but interior stands behind. In the past, the spacious room was divided into 8 low, dark and narrow spaces. After reconstruction the building has become like a large habitable sculpture in the city.
Author: Ints Menģelis

Client: 'Vest Riga' Ltd

Address or location:
Stabu str. 1, Rīga

Technical information:


Main subcontractors, partners:
Architectural concept : Ints Menģelis / Interior, furnishing: Ints Menģelis, Artūrs Tigulis, Jorens Soms / Brand, graphic design: Aigars Mamis

Author of photos:
Ints Menģelis