VEF Culture Palace reconstruction and restoration Architecture monument of national importance «VEF Culture Palace» (protection No.8697). The building was constructed from 1951 to 1960 according to a design by architect Nikolajs Semencovs. It is also a monument of art with its decorative finishing of the interior of 5 premises (protection No. 8698). After its reconstruction and restoration VEF Culture Palace is a modern culture centre with its Great Hall, Chamber Hall, Mirror Hall and music recording studio. The Great Hall can welcome 805 viewers.
Author: Architects: SIA «GRAF X», Director Rūta Krūskopa, Ludmila Potapova, Laima Baltiņa, Juris Gusevs and Aigars Tereško .Author supervision managed by: Rūta Krūskopa, architects : Ilze Krūskopa-Kaleine, Pēteris Strancis, Ludmila Potapova.

Client: Riga City Council Property Department

Address or location:
Ropazu Street 2, Riga

Technical information:
Design from 11 May 2011 to 13 December 2011. Design amendments from 20 May 2014 to 2 October 2014. Last changes to the design in 2017. Engineering communications of amended design coordinated on 11.01.2017 and architectural and structural amendments coordinated on 06.10.2017. Author supervision 29.03.2016 to 17.10.2017.


SIA «Velve», Ainārs Leitēns, Project Manager: Deniss Kamuškovs

Main subcontractors, partners:
'Dabas parki', Ltd. 'Moduls Rīga' Ltd - stage equipment and building engineering, 'Pro forma' Ltd., 'Talija' Ltd., '4 sistems' Ltd, 'Moduls Engineering' Ltd., Restoration works: AS Restaurators, Talia Ltd, Stage curtain, drapery and spectator chairs: Lucidus Ltd. and True Designs S.r.i. Italy Restoration of stone parts: S.Skribnovskis, Teraco restoration: Egals Ltd, Restoration of historic light fixtures: large chandelier, bra, Bronze & Ko. Ltd, Window manufacturer Flora Ltd, Visual Information System developed and manufactured Sv. Lūkas workshop Ltd

Author of photos:
architect Pēteris Strancis and architect Pāvels Rešetņikovs. RDĪD archieve