Civil engineering buildings

Wicker Pavilion The Wicker Pavilion is designed combining contemporary architecture and traditional craftsmanship. It offers a place for relaxation, meditation and blends with surrounding landscape and forms a shaded space for park visitors to shelter from the summer sun. The pavilion is designed using timber grid shell structure technique and cowered with 262 traditional wicker baskets in a cone shape, weaved by Latvian craftsmen. The triangular mesh of the timber grid is assembled on the ground, then middle part is lifted at necessary height and then three corners are fixed to create final arched shape.
Author: 'DJA' Ltd. - Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega

Client: Annecy Paysages

Address or location:
Jardins de l'Europe, Annecy, France

Technical information:
May 2020

July 2020

'IXI' Ltd.

Main subcontractors, partners:
'Pinumu Pasaule' Ltd.

Author of photos:
Eriks Bozis