Interior (public and private)

Work Space Riga Place is desgined as concept - an office for decision makers to gain personal experience. The site acts as office for a home company and it's furniture showroom, while at the same time partners, customers and their teams are invited to have brainstorming and work retreat. The interior is decorated with brand furniture represented by Work Space Riga, as well as local custom-made furniture and lamps, in order to knowledge the end users in different design solutions. Interior architecture has been renovated by uncovering true materials while it remains as a background for furniture.
Author: Anete Salma, Raimonds Dambis, Edijs Matulis (RADADARA)

Client: Brera, SIA

Address or location:
Elizabetes street 2a, Riga

Technical information:


Author of photos:
Maris Lapins