Interior (public and private)

Workland Riga Telegraph Workland Telegraph is a coworking space located in the heart of Riga. It is a vibrant and colorful office space with individual workspaces, hot desk areas, conference rooms and recreational spaces. Different work areas allow you to adapt to different work rhythms and types. This coworking office is designed to allow inspiration flow and encourage communication between office users. It is located on two floors of the building, it's total area is 1300sq.m.
Author: Lauder Architects (Rita Laudere, Ieva Krūte, Ieva Kreile, Kārlis Lauders)

Client: Workland Latvia

Address or location:
Audēju street 15, Riga

Technical information:


Matters MS

Main subcontractors, partners:
Progetto, Videa, Inguss Kampenuss, Dainis Rudens, CREA, Baudi, MLD, Evasat, Revolu2ion

Author of photos:
Atis Tiltiņš, Filips Šmits