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At the heart of Ziedlejas is the Pirts (Latvian sauna) culture and its relevance in a rushed, urban and tech-infused era. The wellness resort is developing as a place to escape from the crowds, recharge and connect to nature. By combining a Latvian tradition with heritage-inspired interpretations, international experience and spiritual practices, Ziedlejas illustrates the positive aspects of globalisation.

Each building is self-sufficient and delivers a scenographic experience, yet is also an intrinsic part of the Ziedlejas story. Currently, three Pirts and four Glass rooms are complete.

Author: Zane Tetere – Sulce, Beatrise Dzerve, Dace Bula, Zane Legzdina, Alvis Petrovskis, Eva Heidingere – Jukama (Open AD), Girts Runis (Landshape)

Client: Māris Alberts

Address or location:
Ziedlejas Gaujmaļi, Krimuldas pagasts, Siguldas novads, LV-2150


Technical information:
Glass room: 14,8 m2, Wool sauna: 67 m2, Glass sauna: 49,2 m2

2017 and onwards

Valdis Stepanovics, Kaspars Strazdins, SIA VELUX Latvia, SIA Windows Baltic, SIA Priežavoti, SIA Ruukki, SIA Demiurg, SIA AB Virtuves, SIA Karuzo koks

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA Lalampa, SIA Kadiki ARV, In Umbra

Author of photos:
Foto: Alvis Rozenbergs