Individual houses


A modern take on the vernacular coastal Kurzeme homestead with its characteristic gabled roof. The conversion aimed to restore the original value, which had been lost through earlier transformation attempts. The new image is characterised by northern minimalism and a bold choice of cladding materials – galvanised steel and Siberian larch, which is inspired by the coastal landscape. Ziemeļi exemplifies how past mistakes can be corrected to enhance the wellbeing of locals and visitors, as well as an area’s attractiveness.

Author: Zane Tetere-Sulce, Dace Bula, Eva Heidingere-Jukama, Zane Legzdina, Alvis Petrovskis (Open AD)

Client: Confidential

Address or location:
Upesgrīvas Ziemeļi, Mērsraga pagasts, Talsu novads


Technical information:
Built area: 307,2m²


SIA JK Flooring, SIA Galantus, SIA Moderum, SIA Davens, SIA Flora, SIA Brikers, SIA Ruuki, SIA DIZZ (Edgars Spridzāns)

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA LAT MET, SIA Kates plates, Ivo Žibojedovs (apmetums), Jānis Lapiņš (apmetums), Trentini, Mokka, Inspira, AS Spectrum, VIDEA, SIA Prof Floor, SIA Akmens krāsnis, SIA Helmiks R, In Umbra

Author of photos:
Alvis Rozenbergs