1st and 2nd reconstruction round of Kuldiga kindergarten Ābelīte

We all have played with bricks when we were kids. Architects do it their whole life. The charm of arranging bigger and smaller bricks, an interplay of measures and colours comprise the basis for both functional and artistic solutions, which are displayed in the design of facade. The project expands the kindergarten by reconstructing two separate buildings, one of which was complemented with a one–storey extension. Buildings and utilities have been reconstructed and additional facilities and street lights installed in the surrounding area.

Author: Balts un melns

Client: Kuldīga municipality

Address or location:
15 Ziedu Street, Kuldiga

Technical information:

1st round — 01/04/2011; 2nd round — 30/10/2012

1st round — RRB celtniecība and KIM2010; 2nd round — Pretpils and CVS