1st and 2nd round of the reconstruction of Laidu School or The Managers House

The Managers House is a listed monument, which means that a complex restoration approach must be used. The design preserves historic values and adapts the building to a new function — a leisure center. The main facade was renovated, the other facades were repaired and conservated, doors and windows were restored. The ground floor has been reconstructed by keeping the original planning and elements of interior, an attic has been built. Laidu School has been designed as an example of traditional constructions, crafts and sense of space for the local people to nurture intangible cultural heritage.

Author: Tursons

Client: Kuldīga District Council

Address or location:
Laidu School, Laidi, Laidu parish, Kuldīga district

Technical information:

1st round — 26/06/2012, 2nd round — 07/05/2013

BūvLat grupa and Būvuzņēmums Restaurators

Main subcontractors, partners:
AMI — Ināra Heinrihsone