Residential buildings

Building on Kugu 15

The land plot at 15 Kuģu Street is located opposite to Old Riga, on the left bank of Daugava river, and, together with houses of adjacent quarters built at various times, it forms the skyline of the left bank of Daugava river when looking from the old town.

It is surrounded by buildings erected at various time periods: two residential houses built in eclecticism period, Radisson Blu Daugava hotel building constructed in modernist style forms, and residential quarters erected in Soviet period.

During the last century the surroundings have undergone significant changes of city environment, with the result that building which is situated on the land plot, the former police station house, with a splendid façade, now is directed towards the inner quarter.

The new building volumes are planned as a conclusion of historical quarters – as a three-dimensional mirrored image of silhouette of adjacent eclecticism-style houses with a corner accent towards Kuģu Street. In conformity with the environment format formed by interaction of two contrasting types of buildings – perimetral historical and free standing modernist-style buildings, façade and volumetric solution of the new house serves as a transition element including characteristic features of stylistic modes of expression of different periods of both different building masses which are forming the city environment.

Author: SARMA 7 NORDE Architects

Client: sia Kuģinieks

Address or location:
Kuģu str.15, Riga


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