Jānis Čakste laukums in Liepaja

The reconstruction of the Jānis Čakste laukums (square) was carried out as part of the ERDF project to reconstruct Liepaja’s urban squares and green areas. The square is located within Liepaja’s listed historic city centre. It is the closest green area for four schools and the municipal administration centre. The square traditionally hosts national independence celebrations. The square was named after Jānis Čakste in 1929. Its 21st century reconstruction has been undertaken to honour the memory of Jānis Čakste while maintaining the square’s customary utilisation – a site for celebrations, transit passage and recreation area. Outdoor installations featuring quotations from Jānis Čakste have been deployed. Access requirements have been complied with, different levels being connecting with ramps, tactile billboards sited and an appropriate park-bench design selected.

Author: 'K IDEA' LTD, architects Andris Kokins, Aija Kokina

Client: Municipality of Liepaja City

Address or location:
Jāņa Čakstes Square, Liepaja

Technical information:

20.12.2013; due to the object specifics (landscaping with the green plantations and fountain) its actual use has been started in the spring of 2014, thus the evaluation and photo fixation of the object was possible only afterwards

'A-Land' LTD

Main subcontractors, partners:
„Teklat” LTD (fountain), 'CVS' LTD(lightening)