Public buildings (cultural, educational, religious buildings; healthcare and medical institutions; sports buildings)

JSC “Latvia’ s State Forests” office building Building evokes associations with richness of Latvia’s forests. Timber, widely used in exterior and interior finishes, provides tactile sensation, scent and visuals reminiscent of forest. U-shaped volume forms a partly secluded inner yard. Laminated wood columns stand out in facades, verticallity of glass systems intercept the rough-cut wood siding, glazing of ground floor emphasizes it’s transparency, balconies along perimeter form a horizontal pattern. BIM modelling used in the project. Area-2243m²
Author: Ltd. „5.IELA” – Architect Ija Rudzite, Parttaking- architect V. Vitola, architect O. Barons, L. Balode, L. Vītola, I. Krūzkope, M. Pildava. Design project manager: Jelena Krasnorucka. Interior project: Ltd “5.IELA”, architect Ija Rudzīte. Site utilities design: Ltd “5.iela”, architects Ija Rudzīte, Inese Milaša. Author’s supervision: Ltd “5.iela”, Ija Rudzīte

Client: JSC “Latvia’ s State Forests”

Address or location:
Parka street 1, Dundaga, Dundagas parish., Dundagas district.

Technical information:
Sketch tender: 2012; Development of design project: 2013-2014; Construction- until end of 2016.


Ltd. “Selva Būve”

Main subcontractors, partners:
Ltd.“Dores Fabrika”, Ltd. “Pavasars”, Ltd. “Uppe”