Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

Landscaping of kindergarten Spaciousness is an advantage of diverse activities saturated kindergarten outdoor space, allowing around two shelters radially located playgrounds for 250 children to separate by artificial created appletree hill, surrounded by cycling and skating track. Children, rotating around the shelters, are not linked to the one playground, but during the day take a trip through all the different areas of physical activities. Access from one playground to the following possible crossing ramparts and they are not just different areas separating objects, but mutual communication promoting features, as they allow to climb, move, catch and throw objects, jump and roll from one playground to another.
Author: AR4: Andris Vitols, Ieva Springe, Zala Landscape Architecture: Linda Zala, Madara Lezdina

Client: Municipality of Marupe

Address or location:
Rožu street 35, Marupe

Technical information:

July 2016

RBSSkals Būvvadība

Main subcontractors, partners:
'Mārupes ceļinieks' - roads and squares, 'European sport installations ' - rubber coverings, 'Fixman' - playground equipment, 'Ķikši' - greenery

Author of photos:
Aivars Silins