Ligatne paper mill town historical center: architectural research, concept for further development, and development of tourist trails As a mill town, Ligatne was a rather ordinary example of turn–of–the–century utopia. There are two main directions in the project — objects and the system of footpaths, bridges abd stairs leading to them. We restored the heart and soul of the workers housing complexes in Rigaskalns and Skolaskalns, and re–engineered two historic bridges, Eugen and Wilhem. The The history of footpaths was closely followed during the re–generation process, and the most picturesque moments were celebrated with a viewing platform and informational displays. The factory guard’s house now houses the tourist information centre.
Author: Forma Architects, Karklins Design Studio — Ināra Kārkliņa, Miks Kārkliņš with participation of Jānis Zaharāns, Gatis Kalniņš, Agnese Smilškalne, Rolands Cibuļskis, Marika Rupeka, Laura Eglīte

Client: Ligatne District Council

Address or location:
Ligatne district, Ligatne

Technical information:


VEC, Rīgas tilti

Main subcontractors, partners:
Structural bridge consultants: Kurbada tilti — engineers Jānis Rāzna; Andris Razgalis