Multifunctional center in Riga, quarter surrounded by Blaumaņa, Tērbatas, Dzirnavu un Kr. Barona streets - 2nd stage

The two residential apartment buildings are 2nd stage of multifunctional building complex, that includes already completed during the 1st stage two-story underground parking lot and two buildings in development process for the 3rd stage. Along with buildings, landscaped courtyards were designed and publicly accessible landscaped pedestrian walkway to connect Blaumaņa and Dzirnavu streets. Firewalls of the 2nd stage buildings are adjacent to the existing historical structure, therefore elevation marks, facade pattern and details designed considering historical facade solution principles. Buildings are designed with different facades, but common is the material selection. Only long lasting and high-quality materials are used - copper, white concrete, granite. Especially remarkable are custom fabricated white concrete facade elements, which are used as balconies. Factory-made white concrete façade elements production was chosen, to ensure the facade plane aesthetic quality and sustainability. Also for the landscape design high-quality materials are used - granite, white concrete, wood. Custom landscape elements and children's playground were specially designed. Facades of the buildings, courtyards, pedestrian street and elements of landscape design are illuminated with different types of lighting: the hidden lights, searchlights, moving lights, in-ground and free-standing light fixtures. In this way another well-maintained corner is created in the historical centre of Riga, which complements and arranges the building block by creating a harmonious, human scale appropriate environment.

Author: Z. Kalinka, D. Putniņa, A. Kalinka, J. Lauris, Z. Makova, R. Jansons, M. Niedra, A. Vītols, D. Gelmane, I. Skadiņa

Client: SIA ''Centrus Real One''

Address or location:
Blaumaņa street 20, Riga

Technical information:


SIA "Skonto Būve"

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA ''BKB'', SIA ''Būve un Forma'', SIA ''Koro Būve'', SIA ''Skonto Prefab'', SIA ''Skonto Plan'', SIA ''Krāsu serviss'', SIA ''Markomet'', SIA ''Matetris'', SIA ''Hercs Flora''

Author of photos:
SIA ''Centrus Real One'', SIA "Skonto Būve"