Music school in Dobele Placement played significant role in the project - historical school building is located in the valley of Bērze river, neighbouring with ruins of Livonian order castle. Renovation included restoring facades and interiors, salvaging fragments of 19th century wall coloring and historical wood panel ceilings. With furthermost consideration of the historical construction, contemporary volumes of concert hall and classrooms are added, attainig all the requirements of modern educational establishment.
Author: SIA 'MARK arhitekti': Mārtiņš Ošāns, Jānis Grahoļskis, Ilona Markuse, Agate Eniņa, Anita Parafiņuka

Client: Pētera Avena Charity Foundation “Paaudze”

Address or location:
Skolas street 2, Pļavas street 3, Dobele

Technical information:


SIA “Dzirnakmens”

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA ''Landshape'', SIA ''Inženieru birojs Būve un Forma'', SIA “Cerkazi-G”

Author of photos:
Gvido Kajons, Mark arhitekti