Pasta sala in Jelgava

The project to landscape Pasta sala (Postal island) involves the site being improved over several stages. It has been designed to conform with the reconstruction of Jāņa Čakstes bulvāris. Pasta sala will provide a well-appointed, multi-functional public space with a variety of mutually integrated activity areas. Materials characteristic of the region (boulders, clinker bricks, wood, sand) have been used in what had become swampland but is now also greened with plants typical of the Zemgale landscape.

Author: SIA 'Projektu birojs Grietēns un Kagainis', arch. Vents Grietēns

Client: jelgava City Council

Address or location:
Pasta islande, Jelgava

Technical information:


SIA 'Ceļu būvniecības sabiedrība IGATE'

Main subcontractors, partners:
Utilities, greenery – Marta Tabaka Roads - Anastasija Cisere building structure - Andrejs Kostins electricity - - SIA 'Daina-EL' and Igors Semjonovs water supply and plumbing - Aleksejs Dergačovs