Restoration of Street Space in Kuldiga Old Town

When renewing historic architectonic compositions, a restoration of historic urban atmosphere is needed as well. A study of all streets and squares was carried out, modern solutions were offered, and a united vision of streets in the historic centre of Kuldiga was created. Thorough research was done for each street, up to each entrance's role in image of the street. Current demands of accessibility, traffic safety, utilities and public space design were met. This street restoration methodology provides conclusions for a deeper understanding and preservation of authentic urban spaces.

Author: Construction Department of Kuldiga District Council together with planners

Client: Kuldīga District Council

Main subcontractors, partners:
Concept of paving materials — Guntis Kalniņš and Aldis Orniņš, architectonic–artistic research — Kristīne Veinberga and Juris Zviedrāns, planners — Inženierbūve, Belss.