Architectural design competition of the school building and sports hall in Valga

Location: Estonia
Participation: international
Publication of the design contest invitation: 16 May 2017
Deadline for submitting questions: 7 July 2017
Registration deadline: 17 July 2017 at 14:00
Submission deadline for conceptual designs: 17 July 2017 at 14:00

Competition task – Valga_competition task
Competition rules – Valga competition rules

Valga City Government and the NGO Union of Estonian Architects announces an open architectural competition to find the best architectural solution for the extensions of Vabaduse tn 13 school building and E. Enno tn 15 stadium building in the city centre of Valga together with the surrounding urban space (the competition area is 41,316 sq m).  The aim of the design contest organiser is to build well-functioning and interoperable sports building (as an extension to the E. Enno stadium building) and basic school’s study building to the selected place (by extending the existing school building in Vabaduse 13) with outdoor areas supporting them.

Extension of the Vabaduse 13 school building is financed from the measure of SA Innove ”Organizing the network of general education schools during the period of 2014–2020“.

The languages of the design contest are Estonian or English.

Public contract for the design project of the Vabaduse tn 13 school building and an extension to the stadium facilities at E. Enno tn 15 (with urban space surrounding them) in the volume of the preliminary, basic design and operational design is awarded to the winner(s) of the design contest based on the negotiated procedure without prior publication of the tender notice.

The size of the prize fund is 20 000 EUR, and it is divided as follows:
First place: 8000 EUR
Second place: 6000 EUR
Third place: 4000 EUR
Incentive: 2000 EUR

Members of the panel for substantive assessment of the conceptual designs:
 - Kalev Härk, Valga City Government
 - Lauri Drubinš, Deputy Mayor, Valga City Government
 - Marina Krotova, director of Priimetsa school
 - Ülo Peil, authorised professional architect, level 7, Union of Estonian Architects
 - Kaido Kepp, authorised professional architect, level 7
 - Risto Parve, authorised professional architect, level 7, Union of Estonian Architects
 - Deputy members: Karl Kirt, Senior specialist on Sports and Youth work, Valga City Government
 - Tiit Sild, authorised professional architect, level 7, Union of Estonian Architects

Terms of competition are published in the Public Procurement Register (ref. number 186778)